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"Razorblade Meltdown"

Once again I find myself alone
Here in the north lands
Hope has gone, I stare at my blank walls
I do what I can

Vittu perkele saatana, our house was filled with laughter
We drank the vodka every night

Times have changed, I long for my home town
Before the sadness
Lost and cold the factories now closed down
Engulfing madness

Ei saatana vittujen vittu, dreaming of 2002
We were at our favourite bar every night

Face the endless trials of all our days
But now we go our separate ways
It’s not too late to make a change
For all the wasted time
Find the path reclaim your tragic youth
We’re forced to face the twisted truth
The light still shining for a while
For all the wasted time

Life was good but now just let me go
Keep my last pay check
Northern sun still shines upon on the snow
I placed my last bet

Closing time on a tragic story
When I’m gone you won’t be sorry
Someone please just take me far away

The long winter nights, the long summer days
Remember the good times far away
But nothing to live for nothing to say

Seize the day outside the world is wide
We still have one chance left tonight
The choice is ours to make it right
For all the wasted time

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