"Me Alright"

Tell the whole a dem say no worry 'bout me, me a warrior
Me no know 'bout nobody, but me know about myself

Me alright, me alright
Me alright, party & f**k gyal all night (tell everybody)
Alright (anybody), me alright
It's alright, party all day and all night

[Verse 1]
From me gyal inna me bed and liquor buss inna me head a weh di f**k mi coulda worry fah? (Woii)
Every party weekend a so me and me friend dem a turn yard in America
Me well clean and me rocking the best
That Louis V you no step inna mess
Eighty grand round me neck, a me no 'tep inna less
A couldn't me dem wa f**king arrest
Me flashy lifestyle make the haters bend
Liquor and weed and blem
Dem gyal dream haffi feel a me 'pon dem
Jealousy inna the thing you can see it from when
Hehe... right now
Hundred step a dem, hundred step a dem
Dem a try clip me wings, but me gon' 'pon the jet again
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