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Kodak Black

"Free Kodak"

I Popped A Perk Hopped In The Yo Was In My Feelings Thinking about Ya Yak Man Lately Ya Ass Been Trippin ...

Ion Know What’s Going On But Hopefully It Get Better ,Wishing You Was Out Here Free And I Ain’t Have To Write You No Letter ...I Ainne Never Met You Woe But n*gga You Like My Brother Man That Hurt A n*gga Heart When Ya Ass Be In All That Trouble ...

Man I Know You Love The Streets And Sometimes Dat sh*t Get Addicting , But You Gotta Focus Dawg You Gotta See The Bigger Vision ..You Gotta Know These Crackas Watching They Dont Wanna See See You Winning ... You Got The World In Ya Hands Every Time You Talk They Listen

I Remember Like Yesterday When You Dropped That Project Baby , Cause I Relate To All That sh*t Man Ya Music It Really Saved Me ... Den You Dropped Heart Of The Streets , Institution , & Lil Big PAC , You Put Florida On Ya Back I Swear To God We Ain’t Forgot

You The One That Made Me Wanna Put Them Perms In My Mouth

Writing Letters Cause I Miss Ya Man The Game It Really Need Ya It’s Crazy How You Left And n*ggas Act Like They Got Amnesia

Like You Ain’t Make Blueprint And Let Em Soak Up All The Game ... They Been Taking All Juice But Really That sh*t Been Lame ... I Been Living By Ya Words Just Tryna Gain & Maintain Staying Away From All The Fake & I’m Really Out The Way ...

I Can’t Let Em Catch Me Slippin If I Do Who Gone Raise My Son ? Even Though When I’m Gone He Gone Be The Chosen One ... Life Ain’t Tied With A Bow But It’s Still A Gift Though It Ain’t Always Gone Be Gold At The End Of The Rainbow ...

I Know You Tired Of All The Hate And All The Mfn Critics But You Just Gotta Let Em Talk They Wasn’t Wit You In Dem Trenches , When Times Was Hard They Wasn’t Wit Ya On That Block , Watch When You Jump Lil Bruh Everybody Gon Try To Flock ... Free Lil Kodak

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