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49th Parallel


[Intro: Sam Wright Coastal]
I pitched a tent in the distance between us
This field of thistles is colder than your shoulder when you give me the silent treatment
I grow older and older and don’t even know if you miss me
I taste iron in my mouth as I lay in my canvas house
The dimensions are six feet by six feet
I choke on frozen blood
But no ones even there to hear me

[Verse 1: Chilly Boi]
On an island, supposed to be in South Central
We said, "f*ck it"
They say always leave your glass half full
I got a bucket
You want him instead of me
Was sound, sippin' bubbly
Fled away, don't know what to say, ayy
Wishin' that you were with me
Used to live comfortably
Get me away, don’t know what to say, ayy
When I walk on the scene they say none
Oh Lord, I’m a fiend for the fake love
Guess it take a little bit of patience
To go from dead to a patient
We had grinds in a basement
Got real when we started on day shift
All real, you don’t need no facelift
f*ck fear, you just gotta go face it

[Chorus: Sam Wright Coastal]
You don’t need nobody else
And I just want myself
To be okay now
You don’t need nobody else
And I just want myself
To be okay, yeah

[Verse 2: Sam Wright Coastal]
Rub the crust up out my eyes, dust my pride
Find a quite place to light, my problems like bugs
Buzz, smoke 'em, they won’t fight
The only side affect is I cough and then lose breath
But I’m choking on my life anyways
Any day, I'll do what's right
Just not yet, 'cause I don’t know the deal
Ain't talked to my brother in years
Springtime of my youth and I’m budding with fear
Wrapped in emotions not covered in tears
'Cause I keep 'em in bottles won’t look in the mirror
Whatever I do, I won’t look in the mirror
Then I look at you and I like how I feel
Tires go squeal in the jeep as I peel
Runnin from you 'cause I’m scared of what’s real
Maybe we’ll meet in some years or maybe I'm weird
But for now I’m content in my tent in the field

[Verse 3: AK]
If you seeing what I’m seein
Let me bleed into your note page
Empty on my fuel gauge, no more
Burnin like a soufflé, turnin’ to a new page
Love is past the due date, so gone
Your permanent baggage, you know
Determine my damage, you know
Just a little bit savage
No diligence, manage yourself
Tryna make a man out myself
I can’t do this all day
Been looking the wrong way
Down this two-way street
Which corner should I meet you at?
By the bench where we used to sit
Ooh, woah, oh

[Outro: AK]
You been calling me down
Those eyes turned out the stars
Am I all that you see?
You don’t need nobody else but me
You don’t need nobody else but me
You don’t need nobody else but me
But me, but me (Nobody else but me)

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