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Wack Zack


Weird Flex II, yeah
Let's go, let's go, let's go
Gonna do this sh*t in one take, yah
One take, b*tch

Do the dash and count the cash, you know that I get it fast
Hopping in the 50 milli' whip, I push it to the max
What else are you supposed to do when you gettin' these racks
The greatest popping off, you know that I be spittin' facts
Smoking on that premium zip, yeah it's that ganja
Sipping on that Mountain Dew, I blast like Baja
You know that my diamonds wet, clearer than aqua
You know that we get these bags, collect the Prada
I'm so god damn cold that I made the Titanic sink
Jimmy Choo's and new Chanel, you know she wear the mink
Icing out my box, you know I got that Cuban link
Writing so many songs, always running out of ink
Get the guap' and get the green and then we hit the dip
Sitting with the Hennessy in my hand take a sip
If you f*ck with me I'll clap your ass like movie clip
f*ck an amendment, I keep a Glock down by my hip
Soar around the globe, get a couple mil' a show
I wonder how long this will last, I honestly don't know
My hardest raps like a ravine, they always seem to flow
Set the bar high, now I wanna see you drop it low
Don't turn off the night lights, we always keep the party lit
You calling it a paparazzi, I call it a mosh pit
I just couldn't help myself, I had to make another hit
I got all the money power, call me Richy Rick
Hopping out the jag, makin' sure my pants don't sag
Your b*tch causing me jet leg, I got hunnids in the safe
I got hunnids in the wraith, I'm still gonna get that cake
If you aren't making 8 figures get the f*ck out of my face
I be screamin' f*ck the world, they will never write my eulogy
These people that be fakin', I ain't f*ckin' with their foolery
All these rappers f*ckin' want is big cars and big jewelry
Cookin' up inside the lab, you know my flow is chemistry
Slicing up the game, now I'm holding two katanas
You all know that I be shaking up the game just like maracas
This could be a wish but b*tch my name ain't Cosmo, Wanda
I will never stop rambling, keep on going, yadda yadda

Weird Flex II, ha-ha-ha!

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