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Wack Zack


Yeah, Lil b*tch
I'ma murder this beat like I murder my meat
Comin' with straight heat
Let's get it

[Verse 1]
I be breakin' bars down to the atoms
All of this other sh*t I can never ever fathom
All of these rappers just be spitting sh*t that's so random
When they let go of my nuts they throw another tantrum
I do Tic-tac-toes and I connect the fours
You'll be crying to your mama when I'm knockin' down your door
f*ck every true ending 'cause I'm always wanting more
Kick your ass down to the floor 'cause this isn't a house tour
Wipe all of the tears off of your face 'cause it's time for a race
If you need some tempo, call up me and I'll pick up the pace
Back in this game like a referee, everyone thinks I'm a refugee
Talkin' bout' diamonds, Patek Phillipe
Everyone knows that I keep it G'
We all coming for you and we don't aim at your feet
Talkin' down on the gang and you know that you'll get beat
Twist his ankle a little bit then throw him into my Jeep
They go "aw" when I'm the man, I'ma blow up, I'm no creep

Ha-ha, aw man
Let me f*ckin' breathe for a minute
Gotta catch my breath bro
I'm straight spittin' fire on these haters
Yeah, terminator sh*t

[Verse 2]
Look at you like I'm dyslexic, can get a bit hectic
Just a couple thotties that can get a little reckless
Wrapped around my neck just like a noose, it's just a necklace
I did all this sh*t, I didn't need no f*ckin' practice
Beats so goddamn dirty, they won't make it past their thirties
Beats so hot making them thirsty, Ultimate like Denzel Curry
b*tch, I always have the tendencies, you know I got the recipe
Flip the script and make sure that I'm coming with the comedy
Blow your b*tch like ocarina, now she do the macurina
Her dancing so mesmerizing, she be looking like Selina
Burnin' down your grotto, destination, Colorado
Now her face like a rearrangement of a f*ckin' Picasso

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