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Remember when we had to go to the mall?
I popped a pill before i saw you
Pink shorts, Bape shorts, and your dress was long
I should have known i would lose you
Baby why did i ever choose you?
And you're gone and i’m falling
This world is so misleading
I cannot stop my bleeding
And my heart is leaking
Day after day
You push me away

Pop another pill they numb my pain
I just cannot go back that way
I wanna love you but sh*t has changed
So i still in my lane
And i'll cry to myself today
My life is grey
Please just stay away from me
Right around your birthday
Leave me let our love decay
I'm just waiting on my pay-day

Baby i just wanna know
Do you really love me anymore?
f*ck my life just wanna get away
You remember the good old days?

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