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5 percent tint
I got a bag
Skrt off in a lamb
200 my dash
Blue strips in my hand
Loubitins when I step
I hop in a jet
L A when I land
(verse 1)
I left that girl she so evil
Shoot her mans right with a deagle
I am so high like a eagle
Got that girl once then I leave her
Gucci snake all on my collar
On the block with all my demons
Louis got that straight from nieman
Off of the lean I’m geeked up
What do you know ?
Spent 100 on clothes
My neck it’s to froze
My diamonds glow
Chill with my woes
We blowin o’s
Hop in the lamb
Then hop in the ghost
I’m up in lA
Chillin wit yo bae
We whip the new range
I don’t know her name
She blowin my phone
But I left her on seen
I don’t know what she know
So I had to dip

I hop in a jet
La where i land
I call up ya bestie
Now she given me head
1k on a fit
And that’s in ya b*tch
You f*cking with xen now
You finna get hit
All y’all boys wanna blow up
But you cannot commit
Wockhardt made me retch
Diamonds when i spit
Ripped jeans
Big screens
Bad b*tch
She 18
Left me cold in november
I was only 15
Now i'm waiting for december and i'm slippin at the scenes
Only real ones on the the scene left
Is makonnen​ and tracy
f*ck life
And f*ck theyre sceam
Ima pop a bar go back to sleep

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