Halloween night i knew i caught feelings
We were sitting by the fire
You were dressed up like a pirate
I couldn't shut my eyelids
I knew nothing would ever be the same
Memoires of 2017 in my brain
Everyday i wake up going insane
Halloween night will never be the same
I was sitting there starring didn’t say a thing
I can't think of anything but the dirty stains
I was bleeding in your drain
I know that you kinda like that
I know that you like that
I bit back
Cat scratch
I can't say his name
But you know that
Throwback z, d, g
You hit me up like, "aaron, why me?"
I dont know but i made you bleed
I made you bleed after you left me
Halloween night i knew i caught feelings
There was something in your eyes that was gleaming
You wouldn’t let go i was pleading
I needed a heads up
Look up
Then i hiccup
Like a sippycup?
Aaron, shut the f**k up
Its disgusting!
Its disgusting!
Thats all you motherf**king said to me
I wanted you to be yourself
We both wanted to kill ourselves
By halloween
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