​corona pacc


I'm sorry for everything that I ever said
That hurt your feelings
All of the nights that we dread
I hate that I can't go back
Ill stay in my bed
The sh*tty feelings I spread
Thoughts they torment my head

[verse 1]
She wanna kiss me I said baby no, I been smokin on corona pac
She just found out about xenith and now she been playing all of my tracks
I said i can't fall in love with a fan can't relive my past

[verse 2]
I bought that b*t*h a brand new pair of matte black heels
They cam from Saint Laurent
Already bought her some Gucci slides, said she want something different
Money come in so fast I swear, it's just so inconsistent
Give some time alone with all my bros and ima shine
I used to think there wasn't enough, now I got to much time
You know how I do it check the tag Balmain, Ralph Lauren
Mix it with the LV belt that sh*t is so sublime

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