​mommworld cypher lyrics


[Intro: osquinn & kurtains]
These boys movin' mad fam, init?

Aye, Kurtains, do that lil' ting you be doing init?
Oh, you know me, init

[Hook: kurtains]
I got dippers, flickers [?]
pu**y, k4, p4, m4, s and d4
Gods land in a spliff, free bro, Dalton, he's missed
Gods land in a spliff, next time don't talk that sh*t

[Verse 1: osquinn]
Mans talk real sad, [?] down there ching him real bad (Ching 'em, ching 'em)
When they speak to [?], but they want his soul in his f**king flats (f**king boring)
Ask what I'm smoking on, I'm smoking heavy
All my men out there with the big ass swords out 7/11 (Out 7/11)
Had to go out country, don't ask me 'bout the things I do
If I come with the food, just know that it ain't for you
If he acting wet I'm a check him like mic, one, two, one, two
Don't come inside my business, 'cause mandem be chinging yutes
Opp boys see me and they do the dash, 'cause they know I'm after the cash
Thirty got chinged up and Thirty that's f**kin' sad (f**king cry)
Slid down on the one, two, five, I ching him and his dad
Come over here with your waps and I guarantee you're walking out sad
Opp boys see me and they do the dash, 'cause they can see me clutching the match (I'm clutching the match)
When your man walk with the borers I have my men walk in with the mats
Mommworld and we closing the borders, you ain't getting in 'cause you going out sad
Don't come 'round here if you're a tourist, man down slap, they make you mad (They make you mad)

[Verse 2: angelus]
I'm 'bout to talk to 'em
Pass me the f**kin' mic fam
I'm with p4rkr in London
Big road man, take me for ransom
I'm 'bout bust a nut, no c*m, c*m
I ain't stupid, I ain't no dumb dumb
Bad ting, bad call my phone, fam
Came inside the coupe, hell no, fam
It was supposed to be a one night stand
Hit the jugg now I feel like KanKan

[Verse 3: dolly]
They f**k with mandem, they be snaking (Boo, boo)
Heaven there, he be peggin'
Put ten quid on your head (Free Uzi)
So I work for the payment
Percs and [?], they are for the belly
Mandem [?], they is not failing
Uh, talk that sh*t we get kweng
We not talk to the feds
Uh, them man beef over female
Them man call from retail
Them man be too chatty, we move the packs off through the email
Move that charlie, miley
Do chat to feds, we give 'em ching, we give 'em smiley
Aye, free man Dalton

[Verse 4: Wido]
We gon' take your chain, yeah, clap man down, yeah, I know that he know that
pu**yhole talk on live, this is real sh*t, this is real combat
Ask your ting where I am, yeah, she knows 'cause I'm tapping on that
Yeah, she knows 'cause I'm driving Honda
Smoke that pack, I ain't talking bout Luvback
Luvback a pedo, but shout out Luvback
Don't smoke [?] man, just love that
Your b*t*h, she love me, know she love that
I just stabbed this man, they love that
Love the gang, you know we conquer
Ching your stummy, give you hunger
Come like that, you don't want contact
DOA, he f**kin' bonkers

[Verse 5: ericdoa]
Pulled up to the man ends think he want issues
'Boutta make his mom cry, yeah, whole fam need tissues
Whole black fit, you see me?
Keep it down there no [?]
Walk around, blood, no Squeegee
Watch for the red blue, no 3D
Aye, I'm gonna murder mans
Aye, shout out to young Kurtains, man
Leave his shell like a turtle, man
Aye, you in there just like Urkle, man (Okay)
Aye, he talk down on me, guarantee we gon' check 'em
I got spliff inside this backpack, boy, I'm smoking on Beckham

[Verse 6: Ways]
Blew my nose six times, we smoking 6snot
We don't play with mandem, don't play kickoff
Aye, your mandem he dead, we hit a lick off
Yeah, put a knife in his throat, yeah, he can't breathe
Aye, she said, "Take off your clothes"
She in love with me
Tryna take down songs, they can't f**k with me
She said, "Come back Ways," she want more of me

[Transition: kurtains]
Take down my songs, take down your whole mans block

[Verse 7: Papi Panda]
I'm the badman, badman, badman, bullets gon' fly like Batman
n***a you don't want no beef, you don't want smoke like a deadman
I'm a f**king psychopath, [?]
When you talk, talk, all that lip, you disappear like a phantom
Bruv think way too handsome, he can get held for the ransom
Mandem by himself in the park [?]

[Verse 8: midwxst]
sh*t jokes
sh*t jokes, init?
Pull up with the man damn, them choppas, that sh*t gon' poke (Brr, bah, bah, bah)
Peng ting look real bad, b*t*hes snorting up coke (White, white)
Wasteman talk that sh*t, so we put him in a moat (Rest in p*ss)
Ha, came to my ends, now we had to put his ass on the road
You a snitch, bruv, you an inner
Your mums, b*t*h, she a spinner
Go to your house and I'll eat some dinner
Call up blood, yeah, we gonna end ya
Move in the night, know that we gon' lurk
5-0 'round, know we stay alert
Man talk reckless, he gon' get hurt
Bruv best watch 'cause sh*t gon' get worse

[Verse 9: Swagtastic]
Do not play with me like that, bruv
Do not play with me, man
Huh, yeah
Break that chit chat, c**t, we up to sum
Eat them up like chips, we f**kin' come here (That's true)
Ching 'em [?], there ain't no running
Crew up on your ass, we out in London (We are)
Buck 'em down with a stick, but I don't got [?]
This real Rick Owens, you can [?]
Why you doing this sh*t man?
Send him to Hell (Okay)
Put him in a spliff man, that man don't tell
Free Dalton, man, free Dalton man

[Hook: kurtains]
I got dippers, flickers [?]
pu**y, k4, p4, m4, s and d4
Gods land in a spliff, free bro, Dalton, he's missed
Gods land in a spliff, next time don't talk that sh*t

[Verse 10: kuru]
I don't f**k with backpack
Run around killing my man down
Posted with Kurtains and you know that we smokin' crackpack
[?] we don't f**k with these hoes, since you gotta pay your lil' snapback
I ain't aiming the Glock at your asscrack
Say you the sh*t, lil' man, you can't have that
You ain't [?], gotta quack, quack
Posted with Ways and we toting the mac, mac

[Verse 11: Zootzie]
Smoking on, we gonna kill a lil' pedo
He shooting his shot with these children, but it was a freethrow
I'm with his lil' psycho girlfriend, she giving me deepthroat
With the whole gang like [?]
Sending these bullets, shout out to my PO
Walk in the bank laughing, Key and Peele, oh
With that boy [?], and Ways, we're the trio

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