Tory Lanez

[Intro: Rich The Kid]
All this drip, you gon' need a umbrella

[Verse 1: Tory Lanez & Rich the Kid]
Ooh, ooh, ayy (Rich)
I got two hoes, light skin and chocolate (What?)
Throw the gang when I walk in through my block lit (Block lit)
Got my ex tryna put me on the block list (On the block list)
It's always somebody ex tryna pop sh*t (Woo, woo, woo)
It was flat then, she got ass shots (Ass shots)
Now they cheer for it, she got mascots (What?)
Now she hit the club, baby, throw that ass out (Ass up)
Swear that ass on me, baby, I'ma pass out (Pass out)
You could talk to me, I'ma talk back
I got sauce, bae (Sauce bae), ain't no salt bae (Salt bae)
I just walked in, check the walk, mane (Woo)
Jeans Balmain, b*t*h, I'm ballin' (Yeah)
If I f**k a shawty, I ain't gotta answer (Answer)
She a scorpio and f**k me like a cancer (Like a cancer)
f**kin' n***as' hoes, I ain't gotta answer (What?)
pu**y good and I had to dap my mans up (Yeah)
Shawty say she rock bottoms, I don't rock 'em for what? (What?)
Couple million on the 'gram, but you poppin' for what?
Tryna play me like a bird, b*t*h, you Donald the Duck
All in my section, ain't f**kin', but drinkin' bottles for what?

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