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Tory Lanez

"Convertible Burt"

(Come in)

[Verse 1: Tory Lanez]
Hop in that b*t*h and I go
I cannot stress this b*t*h no more
Fifty racks came outside from the mall
Still come kick down your door
I don't got no time for no f**k sh*t
All in the packet, lil' baby gon' bust it
All of my hunnids, they printed out blue
And they new and I knew it as soon as I touched it
Bad joint, hop out the whip
Let a n***a up it, I'ma up out the stick
Say you finna catch me in traffic
My little n***a in the backseat, shoot an opp out the whip
I ain't finna f**k sh*t, nah, nah, hop in that Scat and that's that
I made her put a whole ten in her bag
Used to talk real crazy to a n***a, but I made her put it back in her track
703, put the dice back down to the ground
But you know a n***a bettin' on me
Broke boy, he ain't got nothin' on me
I hop out the whip, I'm stuntin' on three
n***as on d**k and they hoverin'
I'm poppin' so hard, that b*t*h let my brother hit
Tropical water on me like I'm Fiji
I used to set that sh*t up on a PG
I know the scammers, the trappers, the killers
Tryna cop baby Pampers and some pillows
I'm with the Ace, smokin' gorilla
You see my jacket? This sh*t chinchilla
I just got back on road, now I'm iced up
Like I just got fifty outta DR
Sendin' you f**k boys to the ER
They say nobody poppin', b*t*h, well we are
b*t*h, I might land in the strip in Miami
My b*t*h is gon' f**k me and never gon' dump me
Right out the dealer, I'm sendin' these pi*****
Girl, and I know that they never gon' touch me
b*t*h is go-happy, go-lucky
All of my n***as, they don't care, stand with no ducky
All of my rap friends, don't y'all come around shinin' that ice, my man might buck ya
Now that I'm all independent, I'm out of my label
I promise I play about nothin'
Ain't got no label restrictions or politics
n***as, they talk and they play, I'ma bust it, ayy
Like how I jugg and I stick it, though
I got that green on my body like Piccolo
She wanna f**k with a gigolo
I'm hittin' these hoes, 'bout to deuce like Bigalow, ayy
Granite, I came out the dirt
Door on the Aventador slanted, I came out, I skrrt
n***a, don't play on my turf
Play with this choppa, I bet this sh*t rain on your Earth
You want a wifey? You said that you'll give her your worth
I hit that sh*t, it was dirt
Then I slid off in a 'vert
Felt like Convertible Burt, ayy, uh, Tory
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