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Tory Lanez


f**kin' these b*t*hes, they came out of Milano
She want me to come, but ain't got all the time, no
The other day I was broke, came back in designer
Lil' mama left me alone, came back and the time's up
Ayy, singin' to the bank, my money staccato
I ain't on no bullsh*t, this ain't no Chicago
I went from jettin' from stores, to jet in the sky though
My n***a, the world yours, whatever's inside though

[Verse 1]
Two twenties on my head, just made it to six-speed
Used to have love for you b*t*hes, now I'm like, "b*t*h, please"
Now and then I gotta say it like my n***a Weeknd
f**k needin' a b*t*h, I'm what a b*t*h need

Two hunnid thirty thousand on the Bentley
So even when it's dirty, know my sh*t clean
Got a thick bih', her name's Christina
Out Miami with the whip, hop out of Prestige, yeah
Ayy, shawty know I been on some boss sh*t, ayy
She f**kin' with me 'cause I'm a vibe, my n***a
I spent twenty-five all on my side b*t*h
And if I get caught, I'ma deny it
I'ma deny it, I'm a f**kin' rider

Got a bad b*t*h for the n***a, pu**y fire
She strip down like Malia or Maya
And I been on the side tryna buy her some time off
Ayy, I'm hotter than Folgers
Money so thick, can't fold it, I told you
Came back, put my baby mama in a Rover
Card got no limit, b*t*h, I'm a soldier, ugh
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