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Tory Lanez

"Love Too Hard"

How you hit the club not invite me
Now you want a table beside me
How you in my city and you flashin
Your new b*t*h talking like she dangerous, yeah
I guess she didn’t know where I came from
I put the pink floors in the lamb
We was young
Now the views ain’t the same at the top floor
Living with a chef and a maid
Supposed to be Bonnie and Clyde

Down to ride for you
Pop the trunk, click clack
Let it pop for you
Turn this b*t*h to the 4th of July for you

Oh that’s the cost we pay when we love too hard (yeah)
I said I wouldn’t go nowhere but you went too far (yea yeah)

Oh yeah that’s the price you payin when you love too hard
Baby when we love too hard
Baby when we love too hard (yeah)
Said I wouldn’t go nowhere but

I love this b*t*h too much (Torey)
I neva call you b*t*h but when we arguin girl you be movin too tough
Cuz you ain't even from the H-Town and somehow you got it screwed up (mm hmm)
You need to let a n***a d**k you down, a mechanic get you tuned up
Need to let a n***a bring you down out here. I’m real with the timin
We can make a deal I can seal what ya hidin
Til it’s like 5 in the mornin. You can keep it real that we vibin
Beast stroke neck choke tell me how it feel when I slide in
I’m about to have ya ass flyin, sittin there private
All up in your feels but excited
And I don’t want to make us stress but say what’s best
There’s nuthin we do better than some make up sex
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