Tuh Tuh lyrics

Tory Lanez


... threesome [?] f**ked her friend
She got jelly now she on Twitter actin' petty
Sent my other b*t*h a whip and got wetty
My diamonds bustin' out the wrist in baguette
I hit his b*t*h and he couldn't accept it
b*t*h, I got all type of sticks, I got invested
Hold out the gateway
All my n***as in jail, I got you through the j-pay
Rockefeller guap, Sky-Dweller watch
But we all started at the DayDay
Hit the dealer, come back with another cop
Hit the jeweler, come back with anothеr watch
Hit that b*t*h from the back and I let her watch
El Dorado, thе cap with the yellow top
I done shopped 'til I dropped in Givenchy
Been on top since I jumped in a Bentley
When that day come around and I bust up the case
Don't you n***as come back actin' friendly
After this, I don't f**k with you rappin' n***as
b*t*h, I'm good in the trap with the savages
Plus I'm...

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