Nvtvs x Torchfvce


Nvtvs on the beat

[Verse 1: NVTVS]
Why they f**kin mad I’m comin up in this sh*t
Goin' state to state probably f**kin' yo b*t*h
I would say I’m sorry but she didn’t say sh*t
Probably why that she said that she stayed with her friends
No, I don’t give a f**k 'cause I’m smokin' in the Benz
Had to flex a little bit, 'cause I’m really doin' it
You mad at me now but you a b*t*h in the end
You mad at me now but you a b*t*h in the end
Had to run away b*t*h (Had to run away b*t*h)
Depression on my mind, no more feelings, no more time
A bullet in my brain b*t*h (A bullet in my brain b*t*h)
The only way out is that motherf**kin' 9
Aw sh*t, aw sh*t, aw sh*t, aw sh*t
Aw sh*t, aw sh*t, aw sh*t, aw sh*t
Aw sh*t, aw sh*t it’s that motherf**kin clique, yea you see me out in public but you ain’t said sh*t
Aw sh*t, aw sh*t, that's the motherf**kin clique, GRXM be the f**kin' set, you a mothaf**kin' b*t*h

[Verse 2: TORCHFVCE]
I'ma choke this b*t*hes throat till she’s gaspin' and sh*t (Roof)
I'ma rip her f**kin' pu**y like I’m downloading it (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
b*t*h I’m goin' f**kin' Rambo when I’m beatin the clit (Yeah, yeah)
Make her look me in the eyes while she swallows the d**k
I tear sh*t up, I’m wreakin' havoc when I come to your town (Ayy, ayy)
Torchfvce on the flyer, you know sh*ts goin' down (Yeah, yeah)
Yeah, I heard ya new sh*t boy that sh*t was a frown
GRXM sh*t, all black, we don’t f**k with ya sound
Pump ya breaks, lil' skank, don’t give a f**k what ya thank
And I robbed that b*t*hes purse because the pu**y was stank
I f**k her like I hate her, but I still show respect
Watch me hold her hair back, while she givin' me neck
Fingers in her throat while her nails in my back
b*t*h make me f**kin' bleed and make me wanna come back, yeah
Put a bullet in her skull and then I go take a p*ss
Rinse my d**k, grab some bleach, get rid of the prints
Oh sh*t, oh sh*t, her man is comin' in quick
Oh sh*t, oh sh*t, gotta empty the clip
Oh sh*t, oh sh*t, I’m dippin' out in this b*t*h
But I’m laughin', screaming GRXM and skirtin off in the whip (Skrrt)
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