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Sueco The Child

"Fast (Remix)"


Fast, up it 200 on the dash
5 for the shirt 10k for the bag what’s that
Always come first not last
Hit the road in the whip goin fast, all black

Brothas in the front, no back
Issa 2 seat whip no breaks all gas
That’s max, v8 coupe gone fast
We gone ride til the mornin cus I need my racks


Honestly who you even thinks gone stop me
Cus done I got to main b*t*h on me tryna top me
Flow so hot mouth burn no takis
Cus I got punch lines that’ll hit like rocky

Likely, quit the sneak dis come find me
Highly, off a loud pack in the white tee
All up in the party n yo girl say she like me
Hop off my line lil hoe you no wifey

But I’m the new god father
Wit the slaps for the clique now I gotcha block hotter
Turn the temperature up I’m bringing heat to the speakers
I’m rappin I’m not a preacher but snappin on all features
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