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678 Seppe

"5AM Freestyle"

{Intro: 678 Seppe}
See that you into me.. See that you in..
Yeah, see that you..

[Verse 1:]
Tell me you don't feel the chemistry
I peep your energy
See that you into me (See that you into me)
Watch the ones closest and not the ones farther, Its least you expect that turn enemy (Expect to turn enemy)
If I want it, I get it you know how I'm livin I take it, I get it by any means (Get it by any means)
And, I got this Guaper bussin out my Jeans
Know that you Envy Me! (Know that you envy me)

[Verse 2:]
Why these n*ggas so kapped out? (Uh)
Hit a bad b*tch for the back and you know I make her tap out (Uh,Uh,Uhh)
It ain't nun for me to kap bout (Uh)
pus*y soo good, beat it up should be done by the third round (Uh

Im soo Slimey (Slatt, Slatt, Slatt!)
n*gga play with me then I swear he dyin (Slatt, Slatt, Slatt!)
Walkin round town gotta keep my iron (Stat!)
Told my momma that I'm gon be fine (Facts, facts, facts!)

[Verse 3:]
Im in the front and its just the beginning
Gotta thank god for keepin me safe on all them days that out I was out sinnin'
Pray to the Lord I pray for forgiveness
Pray that Allah forgive and forget it
I been through it all, You been through it with me
Got no one to call, Got no one to feel it

Ust to pop the ecstasy
Take the pain away!
Ridin round town in a old school whip like Denzel off of Trainin Day'
King Kong ain't got sh*t on me!
You know its the gang only..

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