Boasty lyrics


Used to stand up on the block, now I'm always on my own
Look around, all of us are always on the phone
Buy a house cash, I ain't tryna get a loan
All the chains and watches I leave them alone
Still got the drip though, I be drippin' those
All the fresh drips, I be poppin' up in those
Bought so many cars, I ain't got enough toes
When they saw the black and yellow on my whip, bruddaz froze like

Boasty, boasty
Godfather, man are OG
Man a half humble, man are boasty
Fling a ragga riddim like it's '03
Boasty, house on the coast G
My money so long it doesn't know me
It's looking at my kids, like I'm boasty
I fly around the world 'cause I'm boasty

[Verse 1]
When I invest it's gotta be a gem
If I drop a half then I wanna see a M
My brudda drop a three, then he's gotta see a ten
Meet buff gyal we're never gonna see again
Used to stand up in a dance brudda, 30 man deep
In the after party we don't wanna go to sleep
Everybody wanna be a don I hear
You looking for the top boy, standing right here like

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