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"Curiosity Killed The Cat"

Blud, what does man think?
I don't even know
I am sick of you lot
What does man think?
You think I am sitting here bruv? Bruv?
Worrying about this eediet, Rotten, Zeph Ellis bumbahole
Bruv, that's what I'm saying
You let this-
Bruv, you know what it is
I remember when you lot used to fren' up with this guy yah know ('Fren up)
Everytime he sent for me, you lot fren' up with this guy (Friend)
Where are you know with the fren' up? (Nah-nah friend)
Bruv, listen to this guy
Listen to this guy, look what he does
Every time someone comes out, with something
This guy jumps on it (Truss), and then pretends he's the friggin' (Trust) originator of it, bruv
Who are you supposed to be?
Well I'm Incrediboy!
What? No... you're that kid from the fan club
Bro... bro-brodie, bud, buddy, buddy (This is the guy)
My name is Incrediboy
Look, I've been nice, I stood for photos
Signed every scrap of paper you pushed at me but-
(Yeah, him)
No, no, no
You don't have to worry about training me
I don't want your moves, your crime fighting style
Favourite catchphrases, everything
I'm your number one fan

'Bout my daughter
Where's your daughter? pus*y
'Bout my mum, where's your mum?
'Bout Brixton and Stockwell, you're a eediat, bruv
Stop talking 'bout Brixton and Stockwell, you di*khead

[Verse 1]
You go around the point with bare talk
Can't blind me with your bullsh*t, I'm a hawk
And you can die quick with less words I'm pitchin'
Joseph Ellis, please stop the b*tching
I am not Jme, I will turn your life upside down
You're a leech, you ain't never had a sound
Never been a king, you ain't never wore the crown
'Cause you hear two gossip, you run around town
When the gossip you spread is fake news
YouTube hits, that's fake views
I'm from the days of Titch and Bruz
You're from the days of DaVinChe tunes
This brudda is not well
I swear this guy's nobody in Brixton or Stockwell
Why do you act like you're big barse
Now I gotta rip a brudda down, quick fast
All the explaining in the world's not gonna distract me from the fact you're saying nothin'
Fact is, you don't exist, you shapeshift
You beg it, I win outright, I don't edge it
Your mouth ain't loose, you're a tramp
Straight pus*y though
Like you wanna run gums, you're a pus*yhole
I swear on his mum's life too
I could never lose a battle to none of you, like
Oi, Young Dot
You're too eggs up
You wanna beg it everyday but now the begs up
And I ain't ringing anybody for the heads up
I turnbuckle a man just like a wrestler
You think you're clever like a Tesla
pus*y, you're a jester
Wanna pest up, like a pest blud
I told you I'd battle you again
'Cause I'm better than the rest at coping at the stress blud
You're a lost cause that depends on me
We wouldn't know you if you didn't send for me
Me and you in war, it was meant to be
But how the f*ck are you ever gonna put an end to me?
I don't wanna give you no sympathy
I said, I don't even wanna give you no empathy
I do it for the sport
Murder you, deliver your corpse, and drop you town centre G

Didn't really wanna do a hook but I might just do it
I'm outside, if my brudda got a show I'ma drive him to it
Dot Rotten thought he was a danger 'round here, I knew it
He tried lick down Wiley and BBK but you blew it
Gimmie the mic, I'll show you how the mic works
I said lightwork
Gimmie the mic, I'll show you how the mic works
How the mic works

[Verse 2]
Lemme put this fake brudda back in his place
Stop chatting like you can see crack in my face
In your dubs, it's like you've got a mac in your place
But if the roadside calls, no mac on the waist
Blud, back in your place, back in your place
I said, you hate me like a slap in the face
Anytime you hear me recording alone like this, there ain't one cat in the place
I will slam dunk heads like Shaq in the place
Big man, you're not the only black in the place
More time brudda I know you move like a paigon
So I don't wanna hear no chat in the place
No, I came back, gotta tackle the fakes
Everybody's shook but I'm not shook
Woulda stayed home if that was the case
He called me the devil but, that was the phase
Dot Rotten, I'm killing you
I ain't even draw for the snake or crane yet
I ain't even told you to stay in your lane yet
I ain't even pushing bruddas twice a day yet
Them bruddas ain't got no lyrics to say yet
I ain't started passing blame yet
How come you didn't know my attitude smells like a drain?
F's subliminal sh*t, I'm directly
On your doorstep, so nobody can't check me
Get me? Gently
I knew before that, you would never catch me
'Cause your spirit's dead inside a cemetery
People in the loop, they ain't rocking with your energy
Can't pen at me 'cause you're a frienemy
It's all fake anytime man's belling me
I ain't breading none of you sh*theads
You never had your own mindset, di*khead
Oh sh*t, you ain't got a lane yet
Well I'm winning, call me big-head
Dot Rotten is vegan today
But, by tomorrow that man is chicken
Dot Rotten, when you're my age, you won't be here like I'm alive and kicking

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