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Hurricane Chris

"Slow Down"

[Verse 1]

I don't do no favours
I don't sign no papers (Aweh)
Old label new haters
360s the new slavers
What you need
What you need
New patec
Sell your dreams (Do that)
Contract you to smile
Fans can't hear your screams
I come from a hood where sh*t don't change (ay ya)
Wanna go forward but we still stuck in this place (ay ya)
Don't it sound it crazy
They lift me up to hate me
They say my life is waste
Cause I don't got  no wife or baby (ooh)
I can't be mediocre
I will die an icon
I said I twice
Cause it's something I set my sights on
Whoa (godly)
Calling everyone a racist doesnt mean that you woke
Whoa (godly)
They say Jesus isn't real cause they tryna kill your hope
Whoa (godly)
Some cracks breeds weeds not everyone's a rose
Slow down

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