The Truth


Shell Cartel

[Verse 1: Yanko]
I just got a call from Smoker
He just said he wrapped up Tiny Dizz
Kojo thought he could chill on his block
Now Kojo's dropping his iPhone 6, (Why you running?)
Get slapped if you're screaming "6"
sh*t, you better have a bulletproof wig (Slap it)
Don't lack tryna fill up your car, car
You might get bun like Trickz
Prom got hit by the Beamer
Now in the Gaza smoking prom
The opps upset 'cause Grinner's gone
'017 when Dizz got shot, (Bow)
The Ace pack coming like dog
JJ got cheffed tryna ten toes bop (Ah)
Skankz got bored in his whip it's f**ked (It's f**ked)
Tobi can't chat for the mandem
'Cause he knows he already got bun (Bun)
Hospital settings tryna run with this crutch
Astra flap got wrapped round the bus
Did you know it was us when shh gone done, (Ah)
Fat boy keep giving that verbal
I beg you go ride on god for your mum (Fat boy)
It might be two on a ped, me and Zed
Rammy, and skeng (Banging)
Mixed Young Stewie and Trizz with blem (Bill it)
Chinged up who? Try bore his friend (Ching him)
I crossed the High Road with Zed
Left Morgan on the floor half dead (Ask him)
Go over there tryna leave man red
And I do that all for the gang
Castro couldn't ching nobody
Lied and said that his flicky jammed, (d**khead)
Grey dons get chinged in their face
Why you think Ginge ain't looking good?
Rambzi didn't come out of his cell
Go ask the Govs in Cookham Wood, (Ask who)
They're like "Yanko, who've you touched?"
Did you forget that I got down shush (Shh)

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