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Cash Kidd


I served my chip three times
Jam they dumb ass
Slid the piece
Slimeball in heaven, Ru
Jeff, Rez in that b*t*h
Same receipt
f**k you need n***a, your motherf**kin' manager?
This fake ID n***a, official as hell b*t*h
f**k is you talkin' about?
Ayy n***as what's the f**kin' deal my baby?

[Verse 1]
Ayy, chunky forty, that's a BB-dub, yeah
Like Fear Factor, make you eat these slugs, yeah
Mad as hell, caught a CC-dub, yeah
High as a b*t*h, I couldn't even run
Blue strips, buy the kids ice cream with the ones, huh
Free my cuddy Tone, middle finger to the judge, yeah
Just can't forgive him, walk around with a grudge
sh*t not that simple, took a n***a that I love, yeah
Pay a stack for the slacks, that was light
Yeah, b*t*h say she love me, oh that's nice
Yeah, startin' to feel like all these hoes trife
Yeah, f**k around and lost hope on a wife, yeah
Ayy, travel 'cross the world, punchin' flights
Take me to where I ain't gotta clutch at lights
Yeah, tryna ease the pain with this pint, yeah
Yeah, tryna ease the pain with this ice
First heatbreak, ain't have sh*t to do with b*t*hes
Got my brother in that system, ever since, sh*t been different
Turned a n***a savage, ever since I been trippin'
Still smile but I'm hurtin', numb the pain with the liquor
Numb the pain with the chicken, forty came with extensions
The clip like jelly how it hang from the biscuit, dog
Just be patient, it's gon' take a lil' minute
When you get it out the mud and don't change on your n***as, yeah
Most these cops crooked, f**k these hospitals
Ambulance took an hour just to get to my n***a
We're just countin' bands, blowin' on the block chillin'
Make us wanna hang out with them TEC's like a side n***a, yeah
Made me wanna blow a n***a, that's on God
Know exactly how Digga feelin' 'bout Vom
Gucci, I'ma treat your brother like he mine
Blowin' 'Woods, me and Don, see the pain in his eyes, yeah
f**k a hook, this off the heart, f**k a book
f**k her puss, I'm aimin' for her chin like an uppercut
I ain't matched the last four, I got lazy punchin' up
Flirtin' with the cashier, ugly b*t*h, dumb as f**k, ayy
Stupid n***a tryna scrap, n***a punch these slugs
b*t*h went from a ten to a six when I bust my nut
Lord f**k my enemies, protect me from the ones I trust
Yeah, feel like Cartier, n***a add me up
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