One Be Lo
[Verse 1]
Introduced like hello, smooth type mellow
I hide in the room and consume like Jekyll
Take you on a walk in my shoes, type narrow
For my nocturnal circle, peep the view like window
Moonlight fellow
Of course I'm a Jedi with the Air Force Ones
Plus the old school shell toes
One with a number two, cruise might test you
Slam when I write, see the pen move wrestle
Power in my swing, hit the booth like Cecil
Now my team make green like when blue strike yellow
Beats rhyme, you could never do like L-O
I rock like Everest, you dudes like pebbles
I'm meek still
Now when you see me in the ville keep it real
You barely making moves like scarecrows
Why bother? Dollars make you wanna holla
Costs more than jewels, life ghetto
Streets watch deep, and my thoughts is deep
Talk is cheap, but that'll make you blue like special
The greatest rappers, mummies in tombs like pharaohs
I refuse to lose, lose, lose like echo

[Verse 2]
Yo, you need a whole posse
Some call it c*cky, only God can stop me
Who else blocking these goals? This ain't hockey
These haters wanna see me fail, go ahead
Watch me Jesse Owens the track
Starter pistol to the finish line record time, artist with rap
Beats bang, but the truth bang harder than that
When it comes to the music, my heart is attached
Now the business is all about dollars and stacks
Those two words together need a abolishing act
Cause sometimes your artist decisions is bad business
And other times thinking dollars is senseless
Back then you could get it for dimes
I had it mapped out, God had a different design
Those years Lo didn't get signed
Even though the lyrics was nice, I'm only getting bigger with time
And I done [birth?] worth triple the price