One Be Lo
Can’t Get Enough
Look at you now
(Nino please)
Ah don't start b*t*hin' up now
You dont have my product and you don't have my money
(you got to give me another chance Nino please)
Look the brothers don't wait to get paid
Money talks, bullsh*t runs the marathon
So see ya and I wouldn't want to be ya

[Hook: One Be Lo & Magestik Legend]
Livin' in the fast lane and can't slow down
Some people can't get enough of it
Even if ya livin slow lane, take ya chain
Cause they can't get enough of it
F.B.I. smuggle the crack to ya city
Cause they can't get enough of it
Got n***as on the block everyday, all day
Because they can't get enough of it
Shorties in the club, shakin' a** for cash
Because they can't get enough of it
All up in the casino, watch ya luck run out
Because you can't get enough of it
The poor stay poor, the rich keep gettin richer
Cause they can't get enough of it
Blood stained brothers like Able and Cain
Because they can't get enough of it
[One Be Lo:]
They say money's the root of all evil, it's got to be wicked
I seen million dollar preachers robbin' church senior citizens
A lot of cats buying lottery tickets
Somebody offer u a mill', you probably with it
Cut ya finger off, suck a c*ck, pose in a magazine
Get some life insurance for your loved ones
And make it seem like a boat accident
You know Uncle sam be taxin' it
Cash your sh*t, you dont know the half of it
It's like roaches in the ashtray
Anyday can be your last day, but when u leave the cash stay
Schools full of students, 'Cuz these students score wealth
Got seven, eight figures, but they can't afford health
Soon as you meet your death soldier
This country sacrificed millions for the millions
While your family's strapped for left overs
Checks in the mail, 'Cuz they can't get enuff of ya dollaz
Hustles schemes and crimes is plotted
Sometimes (sometimes) you gotta (you gotta)

[Magestik Legend:]
You gotta do what you gota do
I can't judge you not me, I'm not you
We got guys hidin tools in drive-throughs
Like give me all the money; Oh yeah, 'And some frys too
That same lootin', makes e'm that big roller
Now he can hit the club an play some strip poker
You know the girls on stage, take it off for dollars
Tell they moms an dads they work as fashion-show models
Tell they boyfriends, I'm trying to work my way through college
They go from dacin, to servin cats wit plates an condoms
And now they sellin' crack too, but not as bad as them pu**ycats
That push they crack where they moms live at
They punch the gas and never be lookin back
Tis' rumors splashed, 'And now they all f**ked up
Cause they moms cook crack

(Stop right here, right here)
(Don't mess it up this time, it's for real baby, we 'bout to get it)
(Alright, alright, I'm 'bout to run in here, hand me my mask)
(Yea here we go, alright alright)

Dooobdoodoo Doobdoodoo Doobdoodoodoodoo

[Magestik Legend:]
Its a stick up, don't f**k with me
You touch that b***on you gon' be floatin'
Just grab the keys and get that money register open
Yes the gun is loaded
I ain't pointin' fingers inside of coats
N***as is broke
You get this red right right through your throat!
Thats right had it over
'An tell your boss, We run these streets
Let somebody find out
We comin back ahunred deep!, (hunred deep niga)
Yo I bust out the door wavin' cash drawer
Empty the money in the the bag
Watch my back wit the four-four
N***as hardcore, we about to splurge at the hideout
We laid low just to get away
Then we swerve and ride out (ride out)
[One Be Lo:]
We Out
Lyrical escapades over the break, burn rubber, accelerate
By any means like Malcom X would say
Time to celebrate
Soon I get a record deal and be extra paid
First I think I'll buy an escalade
But no escape is what I didn't estimate
This is bullsh*t
If my money ain't on the table, then I'm through with you labels

(You think it's that easy?)
I'm sayin', you think its that easy?
I'm sittin' here makin' my music and not gettin' paid?
(Ah but you haven't recouped yet
I own you and your music
You signed the contracts
That's the deal)

[One Be Lo:]
You really wanna know the deal (what's that)
These new jacks is gettin' lost in the shuffle
Cuz they didn't know the game was a hustle
But watchin all the card sharks ain't the hard part
The hard part is knowing how to play your cards smart
These greedy record labels make it so damn sickening
Not only sign a wack MC, but sign they whole damn click
I'm tryin' ta make a honest livin' from expression of self
These record labels only usin' me to register wealth
Promised to buy moms a house, (what) a large bank account
If I criss-cross it over, Rock it inside and out
Some rappers can't get enough of it
If you talkin' bout a plush budget
Man they even do a song with (gunshots)
Doobdoodoo Doobdoodo Doobdoodoodoodoodoo