One Be Lo
Life Line
[Hook: Kam Moye]
It goes down whether daylight or nighttime
The city say they gon' crack down and fight crime
I guess they must've overlooked the hoods like mine
Cause we still waiting on a life line
"You wonder why I hustle? My life's on the line" - Young Buck

[Kam Moye]
I was born in them backroads where black folks
Had hopes of coming up slamming them Cadillac doors
Half of us know stacking dough isn't natural
They acting if so brothers wasn't strapped for cash flow
We remain in pursuit of the loot and crazy honor
But why save for a future that seems way beyond us?
We can't move up, we full of excuses
The only thing we have two of are children and baby mommas
Sneakers, speakers, two hands for rolling reefer
Coping with life lows, they blaze their weed up
Feeling like we stuck, we f**ked in the long run
Feeling like we got our own guns to come up on funds
That's why our minds stay focused on the grind date
F**k nickel and dimes, they want Andre's entree
Kanye's promised state, all they get is blind faith
Only thing that's rising in crime is the crime rate

[One Be Lo]
It's kind of like shoot 'em up, bang, bang, wild west mentality
Humanity's downfall, you can't blame the gravity
Blame it on the cowboy, it's O.K corral to me
Quickdraw'd his enemies, so wood-paint the masterpiece
Thanks to Indians giving who never had a feast
Doc holidays, crime rates break the family
We as starving artists still maintain a calorie
Cause once you go commercial, they name brand your cattle meat
Go behind your back, ten paces and draw rapidly
Smoke tumbleweeds and Mary Jane calamity
Deadwood d**ks and women who Butch Ca**idy
Homosexuality, AIDS plague the cavalry
Democracy, that's the code of the west
We in the land of the free sex, home of the stress
Buffalo Bills in mailboxes, pony express
They rip you up and put a big tombstone at your rest


[Kam Moye]
Now where we stay, each day's is like a scene from a screen play
That multiply daily in the most obscene way
Felonious fellas step out the Beam with a clean slate
To find out the aspiration and dreams seem great
Your next door neighbor's the regular dope fiend's place
And the ones above you have trouble speaking Eng-lace
There's no ribbon in the sky, no gift and no prize
Just more loaded guns than a marine base
It's sickens some men like influenza
So they feel like the whole world is pitted against 'em
Cause they live in the trenches with unlimited tension
Having Phantom dreams while driving that Civic or Sentra
The only interesting way to go is to peddle coke
For Federal notes they c*ck metal and let it blow
Bullets will make you spin like fifty-seven Chevy spokes
It's do or die here, like it, date it, the levy's broke
When somebody keep telling you you cannot advance
You want somebody's hand to extend the olive branch
Pick you up from the bottom and still give you knowledge
So you could see the same college as Rashad McCants
Maybe then your future wouldn't be grim looking
Make it the same as those white collar pen pushers
Instead of us being pulled by the arm
We gotta take the bull by the horns, and rise up!