One Be Lo
Slang Blade II
[One Be Lo Verse]
Some people said yellin' this, what the hell is this?
Decompoze embellish
Lo speech impediment
Flows on a pedestal
Rooms call me Elephant
Bombing your ca**ettlement
Resident of Terrorist
Not killing the heretics
With English speaking Arabic
I'm talking bout America
The Media with Narratives
Mr Wizard of Oz
You might be thinking Maryland
Wishin you had brain
Crows be on that scary-ish
Lion/lying you sayin my science wasn't on that rare-ish
Need at least ten/Tin man, to BANG in comparison
Keep you on ya toes
Witch/which ever beat I cherry pick
Wide open layups
And high off the J's, but
I climbed on the way up
Hold'em up wait up, nope
Foot on the Break up
Wheels spinning
Beginning women
Straight up
My lines never enough;
Rhymes get buffet rushed
Skills, they pay the bills
Eat a meal
Lick the plate up
The only weight up
On scale 1 to 7 you get 8/ate up
Cookies I bake up
Tell'em to wake up
Sonny scare Cher and smear a lot'a mascara
I handle Barbells
You boys Hannah Barbara
One Be Lo said/set it
Temperature dropping the weather
I sell an acapella
Like helicopter propeller
That's way over your head of my time watching the weather
Strike a vibe voluntary involve not a vendetta
And then I kill his opinion
As tho I chill as the villain
As Proof you witness the killin
Some people listen to Dilla
Cold as Michigan winter
See ever finger that shiver
Don't mean it's pulling the trigger
More like a temperature feeling
Now clearly what you hear is a mirror image of Guinness
Cause before the record ended I started a new beginning
From little pimpin' to pilgrims
I circled around the building
Malcolm X/Exit and Enter
Metaphors in my lyrics
I Shredder like Macaroni and Chedder for dinner
And most rap ninjas is snitches kickin' with Splinter
Downtown drop it hot
I'm crowned Jean Basquiat
You crossing these words
You da SAMO/ same ole carbon cop
Always making something fresh for tomorrow
Beef- you looking kinda loose in a taco
Magic- my state of mind dropping outta college
You ain't Worthy for the position
They shoot you in the googles
I hook'em like Abdul Jabbar, do the puzzle
That's As Salaam, The Laker
The one, triple double
Thirty-Three degrees
Phoenix, Zeus and Apollo
Compoze been freakin' flows
Since high school with Rahlo
O-Type, Juice, Chicago
The proof is in the bottle
I Cruise through these Crews like the Coups in the Congo
Skills on the Console
Seals on the Envelope
Fans fell; Domino
One Man yell Geronomooo
Pirate the guess spot, find Treasure chest spot
Sniper taking my best shot, aiming it at the desk job
Over the limit the Michellins Spinnin' I'm kicking it in yo' face
If you wanna know what the hell it is?
That venomous poison slang