One Be Lo
[Gunshots from a rifle...] + (Flute playing in background)

[D**k Gregory]
'They a**a**inated Dr. Martin Luther King and everybody got uptight
"Ah, they a**a**inated Dr. King..."

They gunned down Bobby Kennedy, "Oh, they killed Bobby!..."

They a**a**inated J.F.K., and everybody- "Ah, they shot the president!"

None of nobody in America got upset when they a**a**inated Lincoln Rockwell and Malcolm X... see America is not a nation that gives a damn about an a**a**ination until you kill somebody we love...

...We've got to make this a nation that gives a damn about a**a**inations regardless to who it is, or you have to make it a nation that don't care about nobody getting a**a**inated.'