One Be Lo
RoSpit (Octane):

One Be Lo:

T. Calmese (Illite):

Ya man asked if I'm quite off, my brain is sick as a Grand Dragon
In white cloth, I'll hang you n***as
Who realer than me? Or filled up with greed and skill, still ill
Can't heal the disease with Aleve or Benadryl pills
Scorch the track, cause my style's been gutta
And snort crack on your album cover, forth and back
Listen and learn, I'm spittin the germ, fist where I p*ss and I sperm
Pet**ionin' firm, it's the return
Puff one just to elevate, two to celebrate a celled mate
[On a sail?] for bailin' outta jail today
For sellin' weight, wait
Through book and scripture, the El is great
Even the crooked n***a'll tell ya straight
Them bums with ones that's drawin' the pistol
Pushin' lead out everywhere like drawin' in pencil
Legend is told, I'm better than gold treasure
When measures are flown, the rhetoric's cold as snowed weather

That's the sound of the track when ya hear it go
(Clap, clap, clap, clap...)
To the sound of the track, in the back it go
(Clap, clap, clap, clap...)