One Be Lo
Double Essay/S.S.A. (Remix)
Yo man, sittin over here tryna put together this
This paper man (word) tryna go down to the university
And um, I'm tryna teach this course on how to be an MC
So (aight, aight)
They wanted me to like, submit them an article
They tell me to write a double essay
Or somethin like that so (a double essay?)
Y'know I'm tryin to work on that
(Word, oh so they want you to prove your qualification?)
Yeah so (damn) tell me what you think about this..

So so amazin, so so amazin
So so amazin, so so amazin

Secret Service agent, surely slowly aging
Shootin suckers, amazin super-soaker aimin
Silent skill a**a**in, surfer sayin "Awesome"
Still slammin anybody, Stone Steve Austin
Sorta sour apple, spittin slang at'chu (ah-choo!)
Senim Silla's anthem, stealin shows in action
Sixty seconds, and sexy shorties admire
Somebody should acquire sixty-seven amplifiers
Silky smooth a****, soakin soapy aloe
Storm shadow, attackin swingin swords ample
Soldier solo Army
Stop shootin archery, shell shocked armory
Skills symbolize artillery
Scratch sniff activated sensory, super auxiliary
Some sail away south Sydney, Australia
Souvenir shops always see some aliens
Solar system apparatus, scale stratus
Atmosphere scary, Spielberg actress
Soul sister Asian
Sweet sixteen adolescent, sweat shop accommodations
So so amazin (so, so) so so amazin (so, so)
So so amazin (so, so) so so amazin

Ay, turn those beats up in my, in my headphones

{*scratched*: "If you ask me they going out a** backwards.."}