One Be Lo
Sportz Illa
[Intro - Decompoze]
Yo, it's time to get ready for the season, y'knahmsayin?
With the program, you don't know what the program
We gon? have to show you how we keep it Sports Illustrated
That's right, mental practice, yo lyrical scrimages
Yo, won't my man step out the dugout and lead this off?

[Verse 1 - One.Be.Lo]
Straight out the batter's box, steppin up to your mental plate
Throw me everything you got, grand slam is what I innovate
Lyrically I'm bases loaded, this is it, pitch a b*t*h if you want some
Somebody in the crowd'll catch my home run, every time I'm on the mic
Just gimme somethin I can work with, I knock 'em outta sight
The bottom of the 9th I'm swingin like Kirby Puckett
Chewin on tobacco, aimin for the bucket
Spit, cancerous rhyme after rhyme
Rookies ride pine while the crowd ride mine
I ride with Compoze, Trackazoids family
We told you "Who's on first?" like Amos told Andy
Southpaw pitcher on the microphone
Easy as 1-2-3, gettin down in your strike zone
Fireball, fastball, how you like my pitchin?
Swing batter batter swing, you still missin
How you get a record deal? You ain't a DH
I ain't a PH; you just got lucky and made some contact
Now you wanna act, pop fly
What the hell was you thinkin of?
Knowin that my Glove show me love
[Hook: Decompoze - repeat 2X]
You tried to play defense but still we made it
So you wanna bring your lyrics to the field and play it?
Anybody make it rain then we will delay it
The Trackezoids always keep our Sports Illustrated

[Verse 2 - One.Be.Lo]
Somebody said wack MC that's when I thought of you
Let me tell you what you oughta do before I slaughter you
Go ahead and call your crew, it'll take at least all of you
To drop a article, equivalent to this atomical
Try to spit your verse if at all possible
Cause when it's my time to pa**, I call an audible
Watch the back, black, call me Barry Binary
Run with the tongue at least 20 yards per carry
Handoff, bust through the hole and break tackles
Touchdown, throw your hands up, I'm in the zone now
Instead of Icky it's the Binary Shuffle (do the shuffle y'all)
Whoever wanna scuffle better work on their rehussle
Cuz every song strong like Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jerry got the contracts on the table from the labels
Man, just because they bringin home the bacon ? see you later
I crave soul food without the pork flavor

[Outro - Decompoze] (One.Be.Lo)
Illustrated, yeah, Trackezoids
Poze, One.Be.Lo, this is how we do, yo'this is how we do
(That's just the first issue, y'knahmsayin?)
Yo, that's how we do (stay tuned for the second edition)
Yo, that's how we do, yo that's how we do
Do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do