One Be Lo
Hip Hop Heaven
{"So think twice before you step..."}

[One Be Lo]
Yo, yo, last night it was dead
I feel asleep early, woke up this mornin right side of the bed
The rest of the fam was sleep, I didn't want to wake 'em
I'm in the mood for makin some music and so I hit the basement
When it comes to writin this song, I'm not as patient
More like a doctor performin a operation
In this particular day, I'm hearin dope beats
The lyrics was steady comin, combination so sweet
I'm not tryin to eat so I skip breakfast
I'm in a zone like Jordan when the clock ticks seconds
Two songs later, One Be Lo is gettin hotter
Than thermometers and monitors, I'm just gettin started
I hear the kids upstairs, they didn't even bother
To interrupt they father cause they know that I'm an artist
And I be workin harder than most, I got a daughter that boast
They learn a lot, cause they follow me close
Still early, it's 10:30, I tried to call Majestic
His phone didn't ring, I didn't leave a message
I need to keep writin so I didn't even stress it
I finished another record, I'm in hip-hop heaven

{*scratched samples*}
[One Be Lo]
Yeah, record pace I was runnin through the pages
Of my notepad, excited but my heart ain't even racin
Progress I was makin in the best time
Workin like I'm gettin closer to my deadline
I guess it's just another day in the life of One Be Lo
Five hours of work, an hour's worth of material
Like what I'm hearin so I'm turnin up the stereo
Neighbors usually complain, the noise was unbearable
But somethin about today was different
Everybody was doin they own thing, can't wait to give 'em this sh*t
I'm feelin so alive, thank God for the blessin
Heart and soul of my profession give you hip-hop heaven

{*scratched samples*}

[One Be Lo]
A-a-a-and now it's time to switch directions, I end the session
My young ones, usually by now they're gettin restless
I float upstairs, they face is glued to the TV
I walked to the kitchen, guess they didn't even see me
I wasn't even lookin for a meal anyway
Kinda strange cause I didn't drink or eat all day
In the sound booth standin on my feet all day
I'm dead tired now, maybe I should sleep all day
On my way to the room, I hear my lady on the phone
She moan, cryin and dyin inside, feelin alone
Almost finished packin, said she gotta get goin
Need a change and she can no longer live in this home
I stand lookin confused, with boxes before me
I called her name three times, she only ignored me
She held a newspaper in her hands, it read
"Local rapper, One Be Lo, age 30, found dead"
I'm in hip-hop heaven {*echoes*}
{*scratched samples*}

Hip-Hop heaven {*echoes*}