One Be Lo
Evil of Self
{normal voice #1} "Hey, my man, what it look like?"
{deeper voice} "Hey, my man, what it look like?"
{high-pitched voice} "Hey, my man, what it look like?"
{normal voice #2} "Hey, my man, what it look like?"
"What you want?"
"I am the Soul Brother like none other"

[Verse One - One Be Lo]
This story takes place in a place called Self
Take in Mind, everyBody, no other than Soul Brother
Was living in a-whole-nother State, all help
He received, he believed, was the way God dealt
With his life, but some would consider it trife
The ignorant type, caught up in all the biblical hype
He wasn't feeling it right
Time told, he would let the blind old man in the mirror give him advice
Sincere, he kept his friends near with Devotion
They hang in a neighbourhood gang called Emotion
Who wasn't usually good for this community but
He knew of The Danger, he grew up with Anger
He wasn't worried, thought they was the best for him
If he wanted anything, Lust was there for him
Sex, Money, Power, Love would let him care for them
Hatred was the strongest, he protected them
From a Truth, he considered Evil, hear no, see no
His profile don't smile, you know how E-go [he go]
Conscience told Soul how to go legit
He said "You know Doubt? He told me don't believe that sh*t"
That's when he, hooked up with Jealousy and Envy
Scoping out this Benzy, rolling spokes, about twenty
Pulled out the driver, who now wanted to fight him
Fear told him "You the man. Pull the heat out and fire"
This is how he living, how he feeling hardcore
What he do that for? Mr. Greed said "More?"
Remind me of a cat named Influence
Been proven to make men do it, just like a sin student
Now Conscience had a question "Who's your biggest enemy?"
He didn't know Shame, so he blamed it on Hennessey
Reality wrote him a cheque [Check] and let him have it
But they jumped in the ride, Pride wouldn't let him cash it
He crashed it
(Hook) x3
The Evil of Self

[Verse Two - Abdus Salaam]
Everyday it's the battle with the Self, few are victorious
Many fall victim of wanting to be vainglorious
The Evil of Self is what drives you into destruction
Kids caught up in crack, calling full of corruption
The youth need encouragement, Evil of Self
Don't wanna hear about self-evaluation or development
Fall victim of the negative, extravagant and compet**ive
And all kinds of irrelevance, we blame it on environment
The Evil of Self, causing destruction of his family
Jealousy and greed are poison in places of society
The Evil of Self, the justification for foolishness
It's sad, any form of ignorance, we grew immune to it
The Evil of Self, don't wanna hear constructive criticism
People get a sense of arrogance when something's given to 'em
Surrounded by devils, I find myself performing exorcisms
World's got us going in circles, chasing materialism
The Evil of Self, is what plunges you into error
Al-Hamdulillah, but most worship the mighty dollar
The Devil blinds us with the love of money and power
The Evil of Self, the content is the soul-seller
The back-biter, the slanderer, the instigator
The divided conquerors that established the legislator
The player hater, the fornicator sooth sayer
Selling you stories, but they sold their soul, Shaytan became the regulator
Idolaters, violators and hard-heads
Women that's fine that's selling bodies to bad men
Most men are in jail due to women and drugs
Everybody's on life support pulling their plugs
Inordinate love, the Evil of Self, your worst enemy
The different cla**es of people claiming superiority
The battle that discourage many from wanting to strive
Against the Evil of Self, viewer's discretion is advised
[Hook repeats 'til fade]