One Be Lo
The Genesis
My 7th grade escapade used to watch and observe
Same fella's who could rap, feathers flocked to their words
Lunch room tables knockin' beat boxing preferred
Situation, inspiration now I'm plottin' my splurge
In the cla**room opposite nerd, I'm in the back
Teacher think I'm takin' notes, but I'm jottin' a verse
Next day I'm in the lunch room bobbin' at first
I caught my man off, he ran off shocked what he heard
Seen a couple of jaws drop to the shirt
Overnight I went from "yeah, she aiight" to the popular skirts
Parents couldn't understand the plan, how could it work?
And now my grades spell "EDDE" so the problem is worse
You don't wanna be a grown man not gettin' work
Or better yet a famous rapper on the top gettin' j*rked
Plus the talent that you got is from the God of the earth
Provocative words, my lesson learned, knowledge is first