One Be Lo
Get Some
On your mark, get set, from the get go
Out of "Sicko", Indy 500 with 'Compose, spittin' flows
When I get in the zone, your minds get blown
Just wanna get a deal, wanna get known
I'm off to the wizard when I wanna get home
Remember when we used to get thrown, out the club?
Now promoters pay to get the Sub
We squirrels in this world just tryna get a nut
We want to see your hands get 'em up
These fans getting down like they can't get enough
Some rappers act hard but can't get wit us
Test us, we get the A-grade with the plus
They say when the going get rough, the rough get going, "but"
These D**khead Tracy's make moves to get you "f**ked"
We started at the bottom, gotta get to the top
If you don't know the time, its time to get a watch
I get a lot of inspiration
I used to get high, used to get drunk, now Allah get the praises
So with this mic I get to say this
Some of y'all can't rhyme, it's time to get a day shift
World gettin' ugly, it's time to get a face lift
Everybody, no body wanna get famous
Haters getting jealous cause Lo gettin' on stages
Spit a flow, syllables, steal a show, get away wit it
You got to get yours, I got to get mine
Just to get by I'm writin' til my pen get dry
You know I write black power so you might get a fist
Rodney King could never get a beat like this