One Be Lo
The Bomb
It's like a catholic, word to the mother
UPS rapper at your door ringing your buzzer
With another special delivery full of drama
Sorta like you getting fan mail from the Unabomber
I hit a rhyme, your mind is out in left field
You blinded by the sunshine, you can't catch it
Your skill's wretched, you far from a Ken Griffey
I speak Jedi talk, and Skywalk the force with me
This track lit me, I'm dynamite with the mic
I explode instrumentals, my production is combustion
You a MC, but I'm more like a M-80
Now which one of you j*rks wanna see how this fire works
You crazy, cause I'm known to blow the set
Tick tick tick means I ain't exploded yet
You whack crews is hit when my rap fuse is lit
I pull pins from grenades to write my rhymes with
Nuclear reaction from the crowd when I split
My rap compet**ion like atoms, like fission
Bomb squads try to take position
But I refuse to be defused, so it proves to be a dead mission
Listen, to this lyrical display
I blow your mind, microphone Timothy McVeigh
A warning to you pilots, leave your planes in the hanger
Cause terrorist attack fly at your track, danger
I'm a stranger, never seen it before
This type of rap style is similar to C4
I combine with the rhymes like flames with gun powder
United we stand, ignited we make noise