One Be Lo
Wake Up (Original)
(Hook 1, female vocals)
Its not easy, this isn't how it oughta be
Cuz at the end of every day I gotta live with me
And no one else, determines my destiny
So why bother trying fit in someone's thought of me?

(Verse 1)
Never denied, better than Clyde, I glide from the three
Third eye verbal live, certified with the beat
I drop one verse, other cats be rhyming for weeks
I'm thinking if he ever rest, I be climbin' his peaks
Rappers speak about how they packin' nines and have beef
Pat 'em down, that's the clown that be quiet in streets
Ask around, blast a round, he be cryin' for peace
Ironically I'm getting down, five times to the East
Every time I release, cla**ic material
You get my cd for ten, but I'll sign it for free
Capitalism, have my children dyin' for cheese
Damn fashion, Grand Dragon be designin' your jeans
Buckled pants saggin', Uncle Sam taxing me, describing the thief
Barcodes, that's the sign of the beast
Now the latest pagan faces be the flyest M.C.s
Hands shakin' like a mason with the highest degrees
Buzzin' off the vitamin C, no Heineken please
Gifted like the 25th, don't have to light up the tree
Write it or free, hip hop is private Ryan to me
Ayo we rude enough to bang it while ya laying asleep
"Cuz it'll wake ya up....wake ya up...wake ya up..."
Vocal sample - "whats so damn important you gotta wake me outta my bed?"

(Hook 2, female vocals)
See this world of big solutions for my eyes to see
I pray to god he'll have my head and he will guide my feet
Stayin' true to myself til my time to leave
Cuz sleepwalking it ain't nothing but a crime to me
Sometimes I wish the pressure would just go away
But I know that's not gonna happen so this is what I have to say...

Hard work, sweat and blood stains, did it for chump change
I didn't really complain cuz it was a love thang
That's when I was a kid, black, now I know this fact
That love is gonna you evicted from where you live at
Home is where the heart is, yours, I open with facts
I strike like when I swing first and then you pitch black
Run around your diamonds and rings, you thinking baseball?
You thinkin' in a box'n unconscious I'm tryin' to wake y'all
Take y'all from blind vision, leave with divine wisdom
I ride rhythm never slide slippin', my time's tickin'
I flow to the end, used to hang mostly with friends
Now I keep my enemies closer than them
Cuz I know how it is when there's fear in the sky
The weather change, hella fangs wanna tear in ya spine
Never really trust the cats that couldn't stare in my eye
No surprise yo, even blessings wear a disguise
Sometimes I'm "riding" in the "hood", me and my man saw
Some big teeth, hands and feet, yo that ain't grandma
Big chains, cars, and clothes, yo that ain't hip-hop
Spit ya flow backwards, huff and puff your blunts but
-Ya still ain't big or bad enough to blow up my brick spot
Excuse me if I'm on some bull(psh) but f**k the flip flop
I'm just chillin' son, building even at ya show
My hands deep in the pocket like Doug Williams means I wasn't feelin' it...
"Awakenings...make the dead come alive" (repeat 3 times)

(Hook 3, female vocals)
Its not easy, existing in "ought ta be's"
Cuz At the end of every day I got to live with me
No one else determines my destiny
So why bother trying to fit in someone's thought of me