One Be Lo
Ya Neva Know
[Hook x6]
Ya Neva know what's happenin' next
(watch ya back)

[Verse 1-One.Be.Lo]
Smooth operator playa fresh waves freshly faded super ho
Type a guy you wouldn't want your daughter datin'
Seem like a down-to-earth nice guy from Michigan
Like to read books rock mics hmmmm interesting
Some thought his women friend's addicted to kissin' him
Jealous men p*ssed with him
He don't even whip the benz(?)
Flirt with sister's friends
Even third cousins kissing game
Back in '98 he was f**kin' with Patricia then
He got a new flock of who's hot
Little black book two dots mean you got the super-c*ck
Called up Shalonda set it up for 2 o'clock
She showed up early she was shocked
The door was unlocked
She walked in his body layin' by the couch
Blood was everywhere
Somebody finally took him out
She called the cops
They had the house sealed off with ropes
The next day they found his aids test results and a suicide note
[Hook x7]