One Be Lo
This joint goes out to everybody that don't know me
For all the people that never downloaded my music
Never came to the website, Never seen us at a show
This is for you...
(check this out)

This is an introduction in case I never knew ya
I'm One.Be.Lo no one's cooler, not a tongue smoother
You didn't know, well now you know how me and son do ya
You must be sleepin' like a lullaby what's up to ya
See ever since the One Man Army was a young trooper
I put the Kung Fu ya, transform to gun shooter
The one who'd make this rap business run smoother
Run to you like Jerome, place your bets, it's on
I'm in the zone, rap's tall, dark and handsome cat
Groupies, we handle that like a camelback
You got a plan to stop the man, you better cancel that
You want the mic back, where the hell's the randsom at?
Give up them pesos when I'm in the place, yo!
I represent like Johnny Cochran, case closed