One Be Lo

Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset
Sometimes sunshine is only a phase
Sunrise, sunset

[Verse 1]

Now let me take you to a place where the rays off the sun
Blocked by the gray lofty rain often come
Single parents apparently raise all their young
When they once took a village now they call it a slum
People don’t greet or smile, they’re pokerfaced
Call em tough, a wildcard may call your bluff
Blades don’t pay off, they blaze all their guns
Maybe take all your bucks, maybe paid all for drugs
They know what’s up, hey officer
They all corrupt, somebody might pay off the judge
See knowledge is the key and the truth shall set you free
But it’s so hard to take off the cuffs
When the laws of the land don’t scrape off the sc*m
Bags bum politicians waste all the funds
Schools don’t teach so the playground is love
Till a stray blow make a soul take off above
His momma dressed in black, she make all the fuss
He could’ve been the next MJ off the jump
Hang out the tongue, free-throw, take off and dunk
The newspaper say all for what
The police was looking for witness but they always dumb
Nobody wanna cooperate, not with fuzz
They use us to make all the busts and toss like hero
Sandwich to dogs who make off with lunch

[Verse 2]

Another gray matter like a brain pattern
Confused when her colour changed parents
Family on the light side, don’t accept the dark side
Sort of like apartheid, pa** each other by like The Pharcyde
Fat lip like a daddy, flat b*** like a mammy
Nobody can relate in the family
She can’t sit with granny cause her skin too brown
Ain’t from tanning, whatever
She feel like a Big Boi and Andre together without the umbrella
And this ain’t rain weather and that’s an outcast if your brain ain’t clever
This gray could be a change for the better
? mistakes


[Verse 3]

Now as I walk through the valley in the shadow of death
Real jihad, the battle itself, I’m not a superman
Everything sat on my chest except S
I be okay, crush, kill, destroy that stress
Pimp the rhyme skills like a prost**ute in high heels
Walking through a minefield trying to blow the f**k up
Neck-high in bills, indie on the driving wheel
Maybe I should sign a deal, maybe that’ll slow the buck up
And I can’t afford it, my fam gotta stay supported
Don’t wanna grow tall in the charts, they’re getting shorted
By the corporate, you need more than Trojan type horses
To penetrate their fortified fortress
They hire more lawyers that’ll run circles around your office
Shady ways often, rights get waived
Gotta be Navy trained, sometimes sunshine is only a phase
Maybe making this paper, save a little for a rainy day