One Be Lo
[Verse: One Be Lo]

They told me to keep my eyes on the road
And my hands on the wheel I am...
But Will I am not
NOT! willing to trade spots...
But if it’s Lord’s will
Come as you will...
Let them Devil’s know I got a force field
And swords to wield...

One day it will make sense...
Somebody leaving Prints in Bel-Air
And I ain't talkin Will Smith

I’m writin this
Like a will with six mills
Whether i’m making millions
I gotta make six meals
So will I William Shakesphere?
YES I will
When you’re gone
Will or will not...
They’re stuck with your nick name- Bills
Head spinnin’ like a PinWheel...
Or wind mill...
If you can make it stop, tell me when?
The checks come, and you got fired or layed off
And you ain't even got the rims paid off?
I’m on the road again like Willie Nelson till the wheels fall off
Elmer Fudd said he will, make the heat go off

And you ain't Wheely twynna see no loss
Poppin off like a wheely and you will get your ego tossed

I still got it...
You used to be fly but you Will Rogers...
My heart brave and my Will Wallace...
Like Christopher, gotta gimme the loot
Got plenty rhymes to shoot, John Wilkes in the Booth
Leave ya widow...
Weepin like a willow...
For many days
I will amaze
“say Hey Kids”, like Willie Mays
Without a ball team...
Without a will
Still a way
Heads bob or get slayed (sleighed)
I got a dog team
D Will get props throughout the verse
From K.C. to Williamsburg
Touring the earth
We conquer ya turf
Lo killin’ the verse
Like William the first...
Let’s buy a vowel-
Wheel of Fortune, flippin these words...

I stand tall for all, I wheel and deal fair
Nobody got yo back, you need a wheel chair

With big wheels...
I handle bars like a wheel barrel on construction sites, carrying big steel
I got a strong foundation so I build towers
They say I couldn’t, I re-invented the Will-Power

I’m spittin like a real mc, a Wildabeest
Spittin like a real mc, a Wildabeest
One Be Lo, do what I will, I will da Beats