One Be Lo
Why a Jailbird Screams
One Be Lo kept it real
When the broke down
Why the caged bird sings
I'ma pick up the pieces
That he left behind
And explain why this jailbird screams

I scream because...
It took only one bad, ill advised decision
To be deemed a menace to society
By public officials

I scream because...
No one wanted to listen
To this hurt child
That was begging for attention

All of a sudden
After one bad ill advised decision
The whole wants to pay attention

I scream because...
Society's answer to the problem
Was a cage, a lock and a key

I scream because...
At 17 they were saying
That "I couldn't be redeemed"
I scream because...
No matter how loud
I plead my case
The judge still wouldn't listen

I scream because...
I started to believe what
The district attorney was saying about me
That I was some kind of animal
And that I shouldn't be set free

Fast forward one year later
I turned 18
And my screams got 10 times louder
Because my name had been replaced with a number

Were the 7 digits
That got wrapped around my wrist
At this point in my life
Nothing at all made any sense

I crunched the numbers
Like a mathematician
Thinking to myself
Maybe then it will all make sense
No matter how I added, subtracted, multiplied and divided
I was still left serving 25 to life
For one bad ill advised decision

Today after 16+ years of incarceration, the screaming has stopped because I know: I AM NOT MY WORST DECISION. I am fully aware of the far reaching impact that the crime I committed has caused. For that I am truly sorry and remorseful. Nevertheless, I could no longer allow 12 minutes of one day to define who I am. I had to stop screaming in order to start living