One Be Lo
Lesson #1
Yo, lesson number one, when you get a chance to grab the mic. and get before an audience, or get in the recording sound booth and like, drop some lyrics man, you gotta make it, you gotta make it happen. You gotta make sure that it's some worthwhile sh*t because everybody ain't got that chance, you know what I'm sayin'?

[Verse 1: One Be Lo]
I remember way before I ever had a fan and held a mic in my hand
I couldn't really freestyle, I wrote some rhymes with my man
Back then 'I Got It Made' was my favorite tune
Shorty wasn't booking shows, my first crowd was a lunchroom
1992 I started sneaking in clubs
First time I grabbed the microphone the crowd showed me love
That's when I realized I had a real gift
Of course my parents didn't understand, like I was Will Smith
But I was dedicated as an emcee
So much inspiration, 1993
I wrote rhyme after rhyme for a past time
Shared lyrics with my man Decompoze during cla** time
Met Senim, the story goes on
If it wasn't for the love then you know it was wrong
I can't recall a conversation about deals and dolla bills
Since day one, it's all about the beats and the rhyme skills

[One Be Lo talking]
Lesson number one, you know what I'm sayin', stay true to yourself; know who you are and what you about, you know what I'm sayin'. Forget what them fans is talking about, what the other crews is talking about, know who you are and what you tryin' to do and what your mission is on the mic, you know what I'm sayin', and I'm tellin' you, you always land on your feet, straight up, lesson number one

[Verse 2: One Be Lo]
I'm on a mission with soulja vision
Tuning my engines, rhymes switch over tracks during pole position
You need to stop and listen to this coalition, ain't no compet**ion
I roll with Friction and Decompozition(?)
Gotta take my time when I'm dropping wisdom
Operating with Dr. Frankenstein creating monster rhythms
It ain't about making lots of millions
So I avoid major propositions for my hot inventions
Cause all I need is a pot to p*ss in
See what I say? No way, you need to see an optician(?)
Lyrical Lego, doing lots of building
Who is he, busy man, no time for time Tonka children
That sh*t is dead, instead I'm coffin digging
Any opposition, come up coffer missing
I drop lines similar to salt water fishing
Murder with the mic., they be talkin' 'bout some killings
[One Be Lo talking]
You know what I'm saying, a lot of cats out here be talkin' about, you know what I'm sayin', what they gonna do, you know what I'm saying, I mean even if you talking about something positive, don't talk about it just do it man, lesson number one, action, cause talk is mad cheap, you know what I'm sayin', take that from somebody who knows man, yo keep it movin'

[Verse 3: One Be Lo]
Now, lets keep it moving, me and you haulin' off
Blowin' spots like molotovs, the black Gorbachev
Boston hogs, walkin' dogs and never fallin' off
Palmin' mics, ace in a hole like Arnold Palmer golf
The whack emcee holocaust, to the world
To my family and friends, they call me 'Lo' they call Silla 'Ross'
Bust rhymes without the blue balls
Rebel with a new cause, I used to move ya'll
But now I make the whole room pause
My lost and found box was a mirror on the bathroom wall
Mystery man, revealed, be still, this won't hurt a bit
We only murder kids that talk abouts they murder kids
Just because you wrote it in pen don't make it permanent
Before becoming emcees you need to learn some sh*t
You know what I'm sayin'? Lesson number one
Before becoming emcees you need to learn some sh*t