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John Lennon


John Lennon hook

Verse 1
Still tryna divide us
Still out here with a thousand lies
It's no lie
Its pathological with you @ this point
Outta control - & this joint
Get yo ass outta here /
You fired / the fck you mean?
You is a living breathing scheme
You is a disappointment to the definition of a human being / obscene
Where the fck yo class at?
Who in the fck raised you?
Guess, i shouldn't be to surprised
Yo pops was racist too
Investigations left and right
1970 was the time
Justice department noticed black n brown folks wasn't getting no nod /
Not approved for shelter
NO / not in your trump buildings
How you got away wit that mess?
Same ol bullsht system
The ones that let you pickup tax cuts @ the cities worst... time
Are the ones that let you back from AC when the bridges burned /
All them people you ain't paid
Till this day
You should be ashamed
But you ain't
Fckn disgrace


Verse 2
& i swear ain't enough song to sing /
To properly articulate the scope of your incompetence /
You let my people in puerto Rico down
Tried to make muslims illegal now
Who tf made you the leader now?
3 more millions of my people put they power in the lesser of 2 evils now /
& that ain't good either
But ima take a female's lead
Over another old white man's
Any day - yes, indeed
Somethin else, we know that
You running modern day japanese internment camps / wtf
Worried bout the Mexicans when the white boys is the 1s shootin sht the fck up /
Finna get us all stuck with the fckn wall u putting up

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