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"Walk with me"

[intro](words= 35)
Man Life is tough
Thid sh*t is sought
But that just life
Man i should know,, been throw it all
Been in love., man that sh*ts evil
You don't belive me
Bro spell it backwards

[Verse 1] (words= )
Bro trust me, I should know
Benn throw it all
Me and my crew faced our demons
They took them left me to tell the story
But that's another story
Walked this road all alone
Alone I walked, man it was rough
My life was fought tho
Found out my mom dose more drugs then I do
Never knew she was a drug
Grandpa threw her out, in her buggy
Came back like a bug
Man this motherf*cking pug, won't shut up
Hid my sh*t under the rug
Just so tbe popo can't find it
But them motherf*ckers do
Cuz that dam pug found it
Had my drugs in a bag, hanging from its mouth
Turned and saw it
*what is that
* alright sir, sir we need you to come with ous
Man f*ck this motherf*cking sh*t
My blood starts pumping, man ain't no lol pump
Jump out the wondow tho
Man f*ck hump day, bloods pumping so fast
Jumped out the f*cking window
Got away from fhem motherf*cking cops
Shot, got poped in the head, shot, right in the foot
Friends staged me in the back
Thought it was all over, man game over
But thats just how this f*cking game works
Man this sh*t never ends, stuck in tbis pit
Can throw fits forever, but it don't matter
Didinr help the ones before ya
So how it gonna help you

My life is so hard
Walked this road all alone
Got no motherf*cking phone
Got caught by them cops
Got poped in the head
Now I got no motherf*cking bros
Walked this road all alone
All alone I keep walking
This road is rought
My my life is tough, its not even funny
My life was tought
Had to keep going
Walk this road all alone
Tried to use love to motivate me
Like the ones before me
But love is evil, don't belive me
Spell it backwards you'll see

[verse 2]
I walk this road all alone
Alone I keep walking
Man im lost, try and find me, I'll show you
Im the champ at hiding and go seek
So they and find me, you won't
Cuz i anit got no phone, to call
Got no home, to go home to
Its like im playing hid and seek
Dam, I must be the best
Cuzno one can find me
No matter how hard they try
I walk this road all alone
So I'm just following the path
Just like the ones before me
Cuz I ain't got no phone
Been brokeb can't even buy a coke, let alone some smokes
Man i sold my phone, just to get some dam smokes
Man I f*cked up
Just like the ones before me
Had it all, now look at me now
I walk this road all alone
Ain't got no phone
Ain't got a home, to go home to
Had it all, now just like the ones before me
I got nothing
Can't even pull tank,you can take that to the bank..
Bro i ain't got no cash. taht you can take to the bank
Cuz I don't have no cash
But bro you can cashmeoutside how bout that
Man I just dont care any more
Always felt like an outsider
A ghost in the shadows
Yet I don't belive in ghosts
I was a drifter, bro call me the ghost..
Cuz i was invisible
Them motherf*ckers didint care
Coulda ended it all
They wouldent evem care
Bet no one would miss me
Just miss my talent..
Cuz thats all they care about, is my dam talent
Dont give a f*ck about me
Coulda ended it all
Man no one would care
But I didint, cuz then i would be a ghost
I dont belive in no ghost
Im the hoat of this mother f*cking body

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