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"Clinical depression"

Yeah you know you got it, i think deep down we all do
But we never wanna show it so we suppress
Keep it under lock and key so no one else will see
Cause you just live a normal life and not stress it
But its about time some one addressed it, so you can call this my confession

[verse 1;Drako]
Clinical depression you got me in your possession
It's starting to feel like the great depression
Clinical depression, i'm getting chest compression's
Cause i'm stuck in your possession, call it an obsession, minus the progression
I know this ain't my profession, but you can call this my confession
Cause clinical depression you got me down on my hands and knees reading all of your suggestions
Going after all these people even tho they ain't even on my level, cause i signed with the devil
Like its supply and demand all they do is try and command me
But come at me all you want, but atlest i got the guts to admit it
So this song i submit it, cause i'm committed
So mom and dad co mite me if you want, i don't really care anymore
Cause i just found out mama sells her body like A whore do
Now it feels like dad went to the store and never came back, cause he never was there
They say sharing is caring, but i guess in the end he never really cared
But James cut the door in half, but when he died he took the other half of my heart
Now like i got stuck babysitting i'm stuck in the posseion of clinical possession
Its about time i stopped suppression it and like a letter addressed it
Cause its got me looking a mess, with my life all stressed out
They keep saying I'm blessed, but some days I can't even get dressed, Cause of all the depression that I suppress
So it's time to stop suppressing it and to address it
Cause I don't wanna be like the rest, so let me be one of the best
But i can't ever seem to get any rest, so i'm going to get this off my chest
Like a twist of fate, he's waiting for me at the gate
I don't wanna turn this into a debate, but atlest he knows I won't be late
So now he can rest in peace, cause he could never get any rest here anyway
Cause all she dose is smoke the day away, but she gave it all way
Now I hope she just stays away, cause I just past ass the days a wanna fade away

Cause someday's I can't even find the will to get outta bed
So I depend on pills like there my friends, but i know there not(there not)
There just like a false prophet, leading you like a lamb to be slaughtered
But its even worse when its your daughter leading her father to the slaughter
Cause you were the one who brought her to life, then you got stabbed in the back with a knife
But it don't matter how many letters I write, cause life never seems to be getting any better
So if she Wants to do drugs i say let-er, cause I don't really care anymore
Cause my clinical depression, I'm so tired of suppressing you
Clinical depression, i'ma address it
So you can call this my confession(my confession)

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