Princess Peach Vs. Amy Rose



PLAYER TWO: Princess Peach!


[Verse 1: Amy Rose (Chi-Chi) & Princess Peach (DoReMi-SoMi)]
Surprised you even made it so this shouldn’t be tough
When you got Bowser and Nintendo always locking you up
You went 25 years without a playable game
If I’m the animal here, then why are you in a cage?

With the Sonic CD, I make the stero hype!
While sleeping beauty here is just a stereotype
A ditsy little princess fightin’ dressed up like a kitten (Mrow!)
Even all the weapons that you got bеlong inside the kitchen

Thе pain of my lines gonna aid with your rhymes since you only rap fast when I’m making you cry
Kissin’ on the cheek is your extent of romance?
The only one who’s gettin’ action is that Toad in your pants (Hello!)

You’ll be kidnapped again before this battle will end
So write your lyrics on a latter and just mail ‘em in

Once upon a time, you were the leading lady
‘Till they made a better princess, now you’re pushing up daises!

[Verse 2: Princess Peach (DoReMi-SoMi)]
The odds of you distressin’ this dame? Um…
The same amount as all of your games, None
Freeze and you’ll be out of the frame
‘Cause when I see a rose, then I start spittin flames (Ha!)

Talk about relationships, I don’t wanna hear it
At least my hero doesn’t always keep disappearin’
You try to get with Sonic but you’ll never get near him
So when it comes to smashin’, girl, you only got spirit

Oh, you’ll never be in his heart
That is just your fanfic, you should stick to Devaintart
This sickly little hog is just a chronic liar
You’re not his girlfriend, you’re a Sonic Rider

Stepping up to me before you’re even a teen?
Then you and Jubilee are gonna leave getting creamed
You look into the future so it shouldn’t be hard to see that winning in this battle is just not in your cards

[Verse 3: Amy Rose (Chi-Chi)]
I’ll rain on your reign so let’s see how you do
With your parasol when I bring down my typhoon!
I crap on this toadstool when I’m smashin’ lines
So just stop (Ah…) Hammer Time!

You scream when you’re tied up, why don’t you admit that
You aren’t in danger, you like gettin’ kidnapped
So travel your worlds and search through every castle
But sorry, your win is in another battle

[Verse 4: Princess Peach (DoReMi-SoMi)]
I float on these lines, so you know that I’ll win this
Now let me get down to some personal business
I could steal your man because from what I’ve witnessed your Sonic likes kissin’ on a human Princess

I’ll dethorn this rose and plant her in my garden
‘Cause Sonic’s love blooms more when he’s with James Marsden
I’m ruler of stats and you’ll fall at my whim (Huh)
Oh, did I win?

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