Eevee Cypher


[Verse 1: Eevee (CamVGRB)]
Y'all know me, still the same Eevee
The old 133, but I been low key
Tryna level since the Kanto streets
So I'm really more than normal when I slam those beats

For generations, new evolutions
Brought revolutions, now introducing
All the brothers that the others have been strivin'' for
'Cause I'm sayin' that this ain't even my final form

[Verse 2: Vaporeon (SL!CK)]
Heard he talking hot, I'mma wet him up (Grrrrr)
Got so much drip, need a sippy cup (Drip, drip, drip)
Pull up on these cats with the ice beam (Yuh!)
Come and ride my wave baby, surf's up (Gang, gang!)

Water splash on that b*t*h, Aquafina my drip
Water gun, put the Hydro Pump to his mit
Hydraulics on thе whip, I use pearls for the rims
I'mma sеrve on a hoe, watch 'em drown when I spit

[Verse 3: Jolteon (Rustage)]
Shocking to your ligaments, I be cranking the voltage up
Currents causing dissonance, ACDC, you're Thunderstuck
Loud I know you're listening, bringing noise how I interrupt
Gori Gori Enel how I'm feeling like a God (Uh)

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