5AM (with 12 Ensemble) lyrics


[Verse 1]
It’s a 5AM wake up call, you're screaming
And all I could do was look through the gap in the window
Scared, shut in, see no one's helping
No bystanders, then you disappeared
I’m not sure, I think there was an altercation
It all too often happens down my road
Broken glass bottles and the blood-spat pavements
Cruelty trails

I’m just so sorry about what happened
I can't imagine how you must have felt

And what about that man that hurt you?
Did he just go home and take off his shoes?
Did he lie quite calmly against his lover?
Did he even once think about the pain hе'd caused to another?

Oh, you can try and sleep well
But cruеlty trails
You can try and sleep well
But cruelty trails

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